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I’m Gray, a freelance pixel artist who collects plushies. When I’m not pushing pixels, I enjoy long walks, napping, and spending time with my cats. I’ve been an artist since I was a wee lass and have been doing pixel artist since 2019. I am also available for commissions!

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I get a lot of inquiries and I try to take as many commissions as I can but it’s not always possible to take all of them. You can see my commission status and types of commissions I offer on vgen! You can find my queue here.I can be slow to respond to inquiries (especially when my commissions aren't currently open) so please be patient.If you have any questions please contact me either through discord (graylure#7728) or email (graylure@gmail.com).

Terms Of Service


  • Prices are in USD

  • Payment through paypal

  • Payment must be received within 3 day after accepting your commission

  • Full payment is required before I start working. I will not start working until payment is received.


  • Please allow up to two months for artwork to be finished once payment has been received (two months from the time of payment).

  • Additional time may be needed if: unforeseen circumstances happen in my personal life, adding additional features on to your commission, ect.

  • Please note that I like to take my time with commissions, I do put a lot of work and love into them.

  • If you have a deadline, please notify me. I will tell you if I am able to meet that deadline. If you need something rushed, I may charge a rush fee.


  • I will not accept refunds once the commission process has started (this is considered at time of payment).

  • I reserve the right to cancel and refund a commission for any reason.


  • Above everything else I want you (the client) to be happy with my work. I accept revisions within reason.

  • I will request additional payment for excessive revisions.


  • My turnaround time (from time of payment) can be up to 2 months

  • You must be 18 years or older to commission me

  • Client does not have the right to resell the commissioned work (For example: you cannot use artwork for physical merchandise, commercial games, ect.)

  • Stream Avatars are to be used for streaming - they can not be used for any other commercial purposes unless discussed

  • Commissioned artwork can be posted online to my galleries (Twitter, Tumblr, Tiktok, ect) and used to advertise my services unless discussed otherwise

  • Unless discussed otherwise, I will have the right to stream and record the process of me working on the commission

  • I reserve the right to turn down any commission without justification

  • I will not create artwork for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrency, AI or blockchains

  • I require credit (with link to my twitter) in Twitch Panels for Stream Avatars or any other asset created for Twitch

  • You (the client) can not alter commissioned artwork or pay for a third party to alter the commissioned artwork


Feel free to contact me about your commission at anytime! I will reply within 24 hours. I also keep a public queue of what I am working on! I try to keep it as up to date as I can.

Stream Avatars

What is Stream Avatars? Stream Avatars is a customizable streaming program that lets your viewer interact with your stream. Your viewers can customize their own avatar and play mini games while being visually represented on your stream. You can check out the program’s steam page here!

I offer Stream Avatars sets starting at 300 USD. These bundles include:

  • A fully animated Base Avatar (walk, idle, sit, stand, jump),

  • 5 Items/accessories to make your avatars customizable (These can be hats, held items, masks, ect. that avatars can mix and match)

  • Color Swap Variations (for items and avatars)

  • All my avatars come set up and ready to import! All you have to do is import the avatars and edit shop pricing. Documentation and support included!

  • Commercial rights to use on streaming platforms

Before commissioning me, please read my full Terms of Service here! You can commission me on vgen!

Note: These prices listed are the base price - I may charge more for complex avatars or avatars that have a lot of animation

Avatar Customization Add-Ons

  • Complex Palette Variations (+40 USD per variation)

  • Name Tag (+40 USD per Name Tag design)

  • Custom Animations (Idle variation, Dance, Hug, Fart, Attack, ect) (+60 USD per Animation)

  • Additional Accessories (+35 USD per extra accessory)

Boss Avatar

For the boss battle mini game! Bosses start at 350 USD and include the following:

  • A fully animated Stream Avatars Boss (Idle, hurt, death and 3 attack animations)

  • Comes set up- all you have to do is import the ZIP file. Documentation and support included!

  • Commercial rights to use on streaming platforms

Other Customization

  • Backgrounds - Let me make a little world for your Avatars

  • Other Assets - The sprites for the battle royal plane, star game, bomb and other mini games are all customizable


  • The commercial rights included for Stream Avatars commissions is for using the sprites on streaming platforms - if you wish to use the sprites for print, merch or any other commercial use you'll have to pay an additional 100% of the commission price.

  • I request that I am credited in credit panels